Ms. Moonbeam’s Let’s Get Creative Art Box


Your art box is full of arts and crafts materials to inspire your creativity and spark your imagination.


Kids will love getting creative and having fun while crafting a forest gnome, a spirit eye, a magic wand, and a bracelet.  There is also a ball of natural lavender scented playdough, and a set of watercolors and a couple of pages of watercolor paper, as well as some sheets of patterned paper for collaging.   Inside the art box there are also instruction sheets for all of the crafts, as well as some drawing activity pages.  As well, you will find a small pouch, with a powerful quartz crystal, a bit of cedar, and a smooth river stone, for your magical collection.  Have a crafty good time and feel the artsy magic!  

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 22.86 × 29.21 × 6.35 cm