Besides art, Clancy’s other main passion is mind body spirit healing and wellness.    She believes  we all have the innate capacity to be our own best healer, as long as we are willing to go within.  Sometimes along the way, we are blessed with transformative tools.   Clancy has navigated her own healing journey, which included many modalities, including 7 years of transformative breathwork journeys, hypnotherapy/belief coding/EFT, energy healing, somatic work, plant medicine, body work/yoga/dance, and most of all, her individual practice of meditation, where she began experiencing visceral confirmation of a communication with spirit.  Her experiences have helped her embody the offerings which she loves sharing with others.

  Clancy is a certified Hypnotherapy practitioner.   Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool to create massive and rapid change in a person’s life.   Do you have a pattern that you cant seem to break in your life, do you have a deep desire for a life filled with a greater sense of purpose, flow and joy?  Are you yearning to discover and life a life that is in alignment with your authentic nature?  Are you struggling with negative self talk, or destructive habits?   Around 90% of our behavior and patterns are controlled by the subconscious mind, meaning, the root of it is beyond our conscious awareness.  Hypnosis is a powerful way to access the subconscious mind, shift those patterns, create new neural networks, and experience lasting, and transformative change.     Clancy is also working through certification for another highly effective modality called Belief Coding. 

  Clancy has received up to her masters level of Reiki certification, which she has used on friends family and pets for many years, as well as some clients.   She has adapted the Reiki training she received with her own intuitive healing techniques, and likes to empower everyone to be able to open up to this healing energy themselves.   Our bodies act as conduits for the energy to flow, once the intention is set.  There are ways to keep our energy channel open and clear, allowing this divine energy to flow and be used for healing self and others.

  Sessions can also include a PEMF (pulsed electro magnetic frequency) mat. PEMF therapy is the application of powerful pulsating magnetic waves, used therapeutically to help cells regain the energy they require for optimal health and vitality.  Cells with decreased energy production become weakened, sick and less able to maintain their health.  Pain is the first sign of decreased cellular energy.  The frequency from the PEMF is the same as the magnetic waves produced by the poles of the earth, so it is essentially bringing our body back into a natural state of harmony and vibration.  The mat also mitigates harmful frequencies that are given off by electronics, cell phones etc.   The frequencies can lower inflammation and help our blood cells disperse, as they tend to clump together during periods of bodily stress and disease.  The mat is also filled with amethyst, jade and tourmaline crystals, red light, and infrared heat, all for the many healing benefits these features provide.

Clancy loves being a helping hand for those navigating their way through this earth school. 

Contact Clancy a free consultation, where she will put together a custom session that meets all of your needs.  

Group sessions and circles also happening at various times.  See calendar for details.