Clancy Moonbeam was named after the full moon she was born on, to “back to the lander” parents.  She grew up the youngest of four, (plus foster siblings) in the wilderness, on a little farm, near Peace River AB.   Clancy believes that we are each born with unique gifts to offer the world, and it is by embodying our authentic nature, that we help shift the vibration of the planet.   We are truly here to be who we are.  One of the keys to discovering our essence, is to look to who we were as children, and what lit us up the most. 

Spending much of her time playing in the forest, and with her many pets, and always immersed in arts and crafts, Clancy’s imagination flourished.  She liked playing with her friends, but she remembers having many friends human and animal, that could not be seen with the eyes.   These experiences and more, helped her develop fine tuned intuitive senses, and along the way she realized she was an empath, able to feel and tune into to the energy and emotions of others, as well as other intuitive abilities.  This is largely why she has loved her many years of working with children, they have very clear energy!  

In her twenties Clancy attended University, studying Fine Arts, Bachelor of Arts and later enrolled in the Elementary School education program. After some time, never quite feeling on the right path in the mainstream school setting, she decided she wanted to bring something different, to children’s (and adult’s) lives and she also realized she was a natural born entrepreneur.   

After deciding to leave the teaching program, Clancy took a one year business diploma program, developing the idea of Moonbeams Art & Healing which would begin her years of running an art based business, starting in Alberta. Clancy’s success took a big leap and doors began flying open, she was painting murals, selling her art work, having her work shown on the big screen at prominent events, multiple newspaper showings and interviews, and offering classes to children.   All the while raising her daughter Lily River.   Coinciding with all of her exploration was a deep passion for healing, wellness, and the mind, body, spirit connection.  Along side her personal healing journey, she self studied in many modalities, and years later become certified in Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Belief Coding (more about those on the healing therapies page).  She also is passionate about meditation, and the benefits it contains for rewiring the mind and connecting with our source.  Meditation has been the anchor in her life, over the past couple of decades, her connection to source, helping guide her through challenging life experiences.

   Clancy eventually found herself drawn to the mountains and energy of Nelson BC, where she could be amongst other artists, and the natural surroundings and community that she felt aligned with.  Nelson felt like a place she would grow, on all levels.   Expecting her second child, Leaf Rainer, she and her then partner made the move to Nelson, in 2010.

Clancy maintained a following in AB and continued to return there every summer to offer large overnight summer art camps to children. She would bring in other art teachers, yoga teachers, dance instructors, even a petting zoo.  ‘Moonbeams art & empowerment camps’ were 4 days of total nature and art immersion, and ran for 9 years. The premise was helping chilren discover their unique gifts, (through the arts & nature) and feel inspired to shine their light.  During this time Clancy offered art camps in Nelson as well during many school breaks and holidays.    In 2015 Clancy created an adults coloring book with inspiring art and quotes, titled “I am Love” and in 2017, she wrote and illustrated a childrens book called “Born to Shine”.  (Both available on this website)

Five years ago Clancy secured her own studio space, and now combines her myriad of offerings in one inspiring, creative, plant filled, nourishing space.  Clancy offers her healing treatments and art classes in the studio, along side other talented artists offering classes.   Clancy loves bringing people together and helping inspire the light in all to shine.  She  currently resides in Nelson BC, with her big hearted fiance Eric, her 17 year old daughter Lily River, and her 12 year old son, Leaf Rainer.  Also, her beloved fur family, her 7 year old cockapoo Buddha, her 3 year old Bernese mountain dog, Ellie, and her two fluffy grey kitties, Polly and Sammy.  She enjoys yoga and dance, time with loved ones, nourishing meals, being in nature, writing, road trips, playing around on her recorder/penny whistle and dreaming of one day playing guitar, being creative, magic and manifesting, and expanding in all directions.